Ramadan Appeal: On The Path Of The Prophets : Journey with us

Support us in reliving the legacy of our prophets and the call for justice through courage, compassion and fairness.


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In times of great challenges we must look at the example of the best of creation and take from their strength, perseverance and principles.

The Prophet Muhammad and Musa peace be upon them emblemised core values we should all live up to. They are compassion, fairness and courage.

CAGE has been striving to relive their legacy in our work by displaying compassion to the wronged, demanding justice and fairness from the powerful, and to show courage in standing for truth.

CAGE is a truly unique UK based organisation that has come to be the voice for many who have seen the hard end of discriminatory government policies. We serve hundreds of people each year that have been impacted and educate our communities and empower them to stand up and defend their rights.

In a Trump world of Muslim Bans, families torn apart by PREVENT, ongoing mistreatment of prisoners in Guantanamo and rampant anti-Muslim sentiment, it takes not only compassion for the weak, the desire for fairness but also unflinching courage to continue this work.

Support CAGE and relive the legacy of our Prophets for a fairer and more compassionate future.

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Please donate generously during these testing times.

Watch this short video to find out more about why its important that we stand for the values of our prophets this Ramadan.