Abou Kassim Britel:


Mr Britel emigrated to Italy in 1989 and married an Italian. In 2002, he visited Pakistan to work on the translation of books about Islam. According to reports by the International Federation of Human Rights (no.379/2 July 2004) and Statewatch, he was detained on 10 March 2002 during a document check in Lahore. His passport was wrongly deemed to be a fake and as a result, he was tied up, chained, tortured and denied access to the Italian Embassy to verify the authenticity of his passport. Ten days later, he was taken to the Crime Investigation Department for five days of interrogations that included ill-treatment, violence and sleep deprivation. He was handed back to the police and then to the Pakistani secret service and was again tortured on two occasions, on one of which he made false admissions under pressure.

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