Mahdi Hashi:

Mahdi Hashi
Mahdi Hashi was born in Mogadishu, Somalia, on 18 August 1989.
Within two years of his birth, the civil war on Somalia in 1991 began, resulting in his family’s life being under threat due to the general state of the conflict.
In 1995, Mahdi’s family chose to relocate to the UK as asylum seekers in order to escape the difficulties of their own country. Mahdi began school in London almost immediately, having been enrolled in Bell Lane Primary School, in Hendon.
In just over six months, the family relocated to Camden Town, where Mahdi was enrolled initially in Primrose Hill Primary School, but then soon after Rhyl Primary School where he completed his primary education.
In 2000, Mahdi began his secondary school education in Haverstock Secondary School.

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