CAGE is an independent advocacy organisation working to empower communities impacted by the War on Terror. The organisation highlights and campaigns against state policies, striving for a world free from oppression and injustice.

CAGE has been campaigning against the War on Terror for more than a decade. Its work has focussed on working with survivors of abuse and mistreatment across the globe. Its website is one of the leading resources documenting the abuse of due process and the erosion of the rule of law in the context of the War on Terror. CAGE has delivered more than 750 lectures across the UK, produced cutting edge reports and provided a voice to survivors of the War on Terror through its media work.

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Even though the War on Terror’s primary stated goal is to combat violent attacks, it has wider intents and results. The War on Terror is also a ‘war of ideas’ in the own words of the US government.

A careful and holistic observation of the War on Terror clearly shows that it aims at criminalising in practice any form of legitimate dissent by conveniently labelling objectors of conscience as ‘terrorists’ or ‘extremists’. In particular, the War on Terror has been characterised by sustained attacks on classical Islamic concepts and Muslim opponents to state policies across the world.


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