Cutting Edge Research


At CAGE we value research. All our work is evidence -based and aims to contribute to intellectual change.
We produce cutting edge reports, regularly documenting the abuse of due process and the erosion of the rule of law in the context of the War on Terror. Our research is based on primary sources obtained during our investigations and trips around the world. To ensure our research is extensive and ground-breaking, CAGE has travelled to places such as Pakistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kenya, Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia and Syria. Our exclusive interviews and opinion pieces- sometimes written in war zones- continues to reflect CAGE’s commitment to its pioneering work.


Recognition of our work


It is particularly due to the unique access that CAGE caseworkers and those in the field have, that our work is continually referenced as an evidence base by academics, non-governmental organisations and even in legal cases. We provide empirical data and analysis that transcends the polemical discourses around political violence and national security concerns, thus providing a much needed critical perspective.

Our work has been recognised and referenced in reports by other organisations such as The Open Society foundation. We have also been acknowledged by prominent figures in the field of Human Rights. The foreword for one of our most ground-breaking reports was written by Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC, Chairman of the British Institute of Human Rights. Others who have written forewords for out reports include Sir Nigel Rodley, Gareth Peirce, Clive Stafford-Smith and also Manfred Nowak (United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture).